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Peter Galvan had no idea that when he went to volunteer after the devastation of September 11, that he would meet the love of his life. And he had no idea how happy he would be with her until people close to him started dying. That was when he noticed the change in his wife, a change that was both strange and frightening. After the murders of his mom and sister, Peter became suspicions, which grew exponentially when his wife disappeared soon after. Fearing that she might be the murderer, he fled across the country to escape and hopefully flush her out of hiding. But Kate had plans of her own. And as soon as she found him, she would set them into motion, sending her across the country to win her true love or lose him to circumstance, which, in her mind, was murder. Will Kate find Peter and convince him that life is worth living with her? Or would their tumultuous relationship be tested to its limits, creating a chasm of deceit and lies to uncover the truth and expose the real killer?

--Chris Rembert

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