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Justice Served

Detective Krista Wilkins catches a new case - the rape and murder of a teenage girl, Sara Hamilton. It's not long before Krista finds that there are other victims in the surrounding counties. This case is different from the others that Krista has worked in the past. This victim looks so much like Krista they could have been sisters. These cases will not be solved until Krista faces her own painful demons - demons that have haunted her for years and, unbeknownst to her, work beside her every day. Krista believes that these same demons are responsible for the torture and brutal murder of these young girls and the disappearance of her best friend, Louise.

It's not until she is looking at the small figure on the medical examiner's table that Krista realizes the same people who tortured this child could be the same ones who changed her life forever. Krista must go back into her past, the past she left behind, to find the one person she trusts for help, the one person she thought was lost to her forever, Ian. She knew that for the families of these young victims to get the justice and closure they deserve, she has to reach out to Ian, even if she is destroyed in the process.

--Carolyn Barrett

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