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Just a Little Broken

Morrigan Bloodchild's life has always been a series of emergencies. She is in deep financial straits, getting evicted from her apartment, and to irritate matters, her on–again, off–again relationship with her boyfriend, Jack, is reaching its point of no return. However, always the punk rocker, she barrels through, until she loses her grandmother, causing a crisis of conflicting faiths, and erupting nightmares.

Desperately attempting to maintain sanity, she clutches her music and band, Mystic, that includes her "brother from another mother" Max more than ever. Eventually, however, she catches a break; the universe eases up on the hits, or so it seems.

Morrigan's dream of starting her own record label is shattered when a previously secured SBA loan suddenly falls through. One night, she receives a visitation from a stranger, a distinguished elderly gentleman. Tricked into a sinister covenant beyond her control, she must face her past to secure her destiny.

Just a Little Broken, a twist on a Faustian tale, incorporates slow–burning suspense, and unnerving horror to explore what the human soul would do when forced to its breaking point.

--Le'Vian Dae

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