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Joker's Wild

Just what does a manically depressed man do to alleviate his ongoing bouts of depression?Seek professional counseling?Been there.Take medication?Done that.Yet unbelievably, there was another way to achieve the desired effect.One-night stands ought to do the trick quite nicely. But wait. There's more. He would bring along his kinky suitcase stuffed with erotic women's uniforms for his newfound lady friend to wear!But wild and lustful nights can't go on forever. Mania never lasts. He would soon need more than casual sex to satisfy his frayed and twisted mind.It was time to up his game!He would soon manage to work even more madness into his routine. But how? After all, there are only so many women's uniforms a guy can pack into a suitcase! Wait a minute! Yes. What a great idea! The urge to kill would soon come calling! Wow! Talk about taking your ecstasy into another stratosphere!And because of his newfound ecstasy, the City of Pittsburgh would soon have a growing body count of women dressed in kinky uniforms turning up quite dead.And very soon he would have a calling card / nickname that fit his unique behavior quite well.The Joker is wild.And he would soon get wilder. Kinkier. Crazier. And yes. Even more depressed at times as well.Joker's Wild is a roller-coaster thrill ride that will leave you continually guessing at The Joker's real identity.Yes. Who would be crazy enough to carry out such carnage time and again?And more importantly…Would anyone in the City of Pittsburgh be able to stop him from bringing out his kinky suitcase and creating even more carnage?

--David C. Palmiere

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