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It's Not Religion - It's Life

When the times comes in the midst of the trials, who do you turn to? Who can find a good listener? Does God hear the prayers of his people? Does God give talents today?

In over forty years, the author has served in many ministries with a listening ear for the Holy Spirit. Through the years, she has been blessed with original songs, poems, and anointed words (messages) from the Holy Spirit and they healed and helped many.

Her purpose is to encourage those who read the true stories, poems, etc., in how to stay "determined" and to "persevere" in their lives walking with Jesus.

Be sure to read "The Fork in the Road" poem along with the others she is sharing as she takes "the pen of a ready writer for the Lord" (Psalm 45:1).

The author not only believes strongly in "perseverance" and "determination," not to give up. She wants to encourage you also in what God has for you.

(To God be all the glory and all the praise.)

--Rita Nugent

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