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It Happened in Manhattan

The scam took place at a vulnerable time and place in the author’s life. Have you ever been scammed by a con artist? How did you find out you’d been duped and what happened? Do you think you are too smart to fall for a scam? Read this book!

The con artists steal from you by sneaking through your emotions instead of through your window. This book will explore a brief history of the author and how she encountered scamming for the first time. Readers will travel with her and the con artists until they set her up for the kill. Readers will also experience how she took them home in the presence of her four young children. Under the spell of the con artists, she placed herself and her family in a dangerous situation. Read along and witness the strategies she used to escape from her captives.

Even though she did manage to escape, she was left traumatized for life. The author asked the question “why me?” while it was still fresh in her mind. She wanted to write a book about the scam. She couldn’t because “life” got in the way. She was left living in fear before she was able to move away from New York City.

Finally, in 1976, she moved to Sumter, South Carolina where she got the surprise of her life. She felt like she had moved to a Third World Country. She had to adjust to living in the south. She had to adjust to many traumatic changes during her Golden Years. She managed to survive but it wasn’t easy. There came a time in her life when she lost five significant members in her family and a close confidant. After that, she lost her home in a fire in the year 2000. When things couldn’t get any worse, she had to file bankruptcy in order to save her new home. She knew there was a God because she survived to tell the story. Over the years, life and stress took a toll on her. God brought some serenity to her life in 2014. Since scamming is a major problem in society today, a friend of the author will be sharing a recent scam in her memoir. Hope you enjoy it! It Happened in Manhattan is a memoir about a scam that took place on a cold morning in October of 1972.

--Dorothy A. Campbell

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