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It Ends Where It Began: Tlo-me-ha

Georgina was a dynamic and beautiful woman living a tortured life riddled with depression, insecurity and anxiety. By the late 1970's, her emotional instability peaked costing Georgina more than she could bear.

Georgina's inner struggle would have been sufficient to sideline anyone. However, there was an even darker shadow lurking in the background. Georgina's maternal grandmother held a compelling secret.

Granny Dorothy was a direct descendent to a Native American Cherokee tribe. When Dorothy left Southern Kentucky in the 1920's, she took along some family relics without permission. These artifacts originally belonged to a powerful Indian witch.

Before passing into the next life, Dorothy confessed to Georgina that she had not only stolen these artifacts but had dabbled in black magic for many years.

Georgina found herself with the challenging task of not only fixing the mess she made of her own life. She also had to find resolution for the sins of her grandmother. The stability of her entire bloodline depended on this.

--Tambra Gerage

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