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Interview with Jesus

Since he was a kid growing up in Escanaba, Michigan, he has prayed every day. The prayers were usually the same, but a few years ago when terrorists attacked Brussels and Paris, he looked at prayer differently. Terry noticed that the world wasn't the same as in the fifties and that man had forgotten about faith and instead embraced religion. As the world continued to go into a tailspin, he began writing Interview with Jesus, a book on prayer. Prayer has changed drastically in his life as the world changes, and he decided to speak with instead of to Jesus Christ and ask him questions only he could answer.

Why Jesus and not God? Jesus is both man and God and has walked this earth as we all do now. He met with resistance, good, evil, sinners, saints, disciples, and murderers. Most writers describe what their book is, but Terry prefers to tell you what this book isn't. It doesn't put words in our Lord's mouth, but rather lets him answer the questions in his own manner, using language that is his, not the author's, and reflects on issues according to his personal philosophy, not that of Terry Dufour.

This book is not an editorial or opinion page from a newspaper, but rather a fact-based, heartfelt, unbiased account of the love Jesus and his father have for each one of us. It is not written by a priest, minister, biblical scholar, or evangelical, but by an Everyman, the author, a simple man with a great trust and love in faith.

Finally, Interview with Jesus is not a scam or sham. As Terry notes in the prologue, he not only heard but also listened to Jesus's voice during those extraordinary moments when he left his own designs behind and focused on the preachings and teachings of a man who was tortured and died on a cross for him, a stranger, and all other men, women, and children that he and his father love so dearly.

--Terry Dufour

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