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Interference: The Empatheia Saga, Book 2

-SOPHIE-"We're in this together now..."I meant those words when I spoke them to Zach. He lights up my world, makes me feel safe, and tempts me to believe that life doesn't have to be dictated by my supernatural abilities or the dangers from my past. But lately, it seems the events that took place two years ago are still haunting me, a looming threat that never allows me to escape its grasp. Now, I must choose between hiding my fear--not an easy feat when your boyfriend is an empath trained to pick up on your every emotional response--or telling Zach and my family a truth that could change everything.-ZACH-"I'm giving you the real me to hold and keep safe..."I've given Sophie the most honest version of myself, and she isn't afraid of the real me. She takes all my bad choices, all my good intentions, and all my passionate responses as part of the whole, and I swear, just the sound of her voice or her touch can undo me and then put me back together again. This girl is my everything. Sure, we've had more obstacles to overcome than most couples--supernatural gifts tend to complicate matters from time to time--but we've worked through them together. Still, I can't escape the feeling that there are more obstacles to come, and even though she tries to hide her fears, I know her far too well, and even without my gift, I would know she has a secret to tell--a secret that could stand in the way of a future we deserve to share together.

--Tessa Cox

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