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As women, we often believe that life is about the reproduction cycle alone, and that that is what we are here to do. Yes, it is about the reproduction cycle, yet Inheritance is about reproducing this cycle of love to other women whom you encounter. It is not about tearing women apart from one another but embracing them with your heart. Not just any heart but a heart filled with love that is ready to give that love to another female regardless of age, ethnicity, challenges in life they have/have not faced. Inheritance involves every aspect in life we come from. In every aspect of life, we share our experiences to give to other women as a form of survival, strength, encouragement, and love. Inheritance displays the beauty of women deep down inside of them that must come out, yet some women do not know how or are afraid to just let it surface. Inheritance is a motivational factor that brings to the surface love that so many women are afraid to let other women know. I love you in spite of your flaws. Read and feel the warmth through the pages with every birth of reproducing more love in another female's heart, mind, and soul.

--Lorraine Nuby

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