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Indian Middle Ages

Time magazine stated that Game of Thrones is the most popular show in the world. It took the viewers to a remote, unknown past through an atmosphere of a dream world which comes into being with the help of the creation of an illusion. The strange, supernatural, and extraordinary world of beauty, fear, awe, mystery, talisman, and gallantry is created. Since these events occur in a centuries-old world far away from modern times, the viewers can enjoy them and believe that once upon a time they really may have happened.

One hundred years ago, on the other side of the globe, some historical novelists and historical romancers in India created similar artworks in the Hindi language. These works contain almost exactly the same thematic characteristics by describing the life and activities of extremely voluptuous "nawabs" and prostitutes. They depicted their luxurious and opulent lifestyle, full of vulgar sex, free desires, dreams, and yearnings along with talismans to create a unique environment and the feelings of thrill and awe.

This book is a humble effort to bring a sociological and philosophical perspective to these literary creations. It provides a lively and vibrant picture of various social and cultural traditions, customs, and superstitions of medieval Indian society. A glossary of Hindi and Sanskrit words is provided for the convenience of Western readers.

--Gurdeep Khullar

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