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In the Blink of an Eye

This is the autobiography of Michael D. Virkaitis's ("Mike Vee") life up to now. It was fun for him to tell friends and family some of the experiences that happened to him that were usually amusing and other times sad. He could talk about his experiences for hours upon hours. His listeners kept saying to him, "You should write a book." After thinking about it for years, he said, "Awh, what the hell, I'll do it." It's been well over seven years now since he started writing, and it certainly was not easy; however, recalling some of the good times made it well worthwhile.

He got the name In the Blink of an Eye because in recent years, time has raced past him and has been nothing but a blur. So much has happened, but for some reason, most of these last twenty or so years have not been computed and stored within him. It surely was a blur. Why did it pass so fast? What did he miss? He really wishes there were do-overs.

Mike was a successful high-ticket-item technical salesman. He had triedand-true methods. In this book, he reveals some of the strategies that made him successful and trusted. His name and reputation is still highly respected in the industry he worked in. Mike's methods of attaining success could be a guide for those of you beginning your climb up the ladder and memories to those of you who passed this way.

Mike's philosophy was focus on what's ahead and where you are going. The past is something you cannot change. Live with it.

It surely is part of the building blocks that will help you succeed.

Always remember his favorite proverb: "You are not judged by how many times you fell, you are remembered by how many times you got back up."

--Michael Virkaitis

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