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In Search of Seven Stars

Constanza's journey begins when she discovers that her necklace, the only thing she has from her mother, is one of "The Seven Stars" sought by pirates all over the world. The legend is that if you find all seven, they lead to the greatest treasure of all. Constanza is not interested in the treasure, but she thinks that finding them will lead her to answers about her mother. Who she was, why she had one of these stars, and perhaps even how she died.

-So she leaves all she's ever known and stows away on a merchant ship...

Her journey leads her through rough seas, love and loss, friendship and betrayal. She comes across creatures she once thought mythical. She experiences cultures and ideas that rock her foundation. And as she discovers the secret of the Seven Stars, she unknowingly unlocks many other secrets that puts her own life in danger. Can what she discovers about her mother save her? Or will what she finds out about the man she loves destroy her?

Unlock your own secrets as you journey with Constanza in her 16th century adventure through the Pirate Round, down the Silk Road, in a gypsy caravan, and even under the sea.

--Liza Simone

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