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In a Mirror Dimly: Stumbling into Manhood

This is book 2 of the incredible, real-life journey of a boy's struggle to achieve manhood. The journey continues in Colorado and takes him to the wilds of the Montana Rocky Mountains. The reader will meet the mountain-man mentor who taught him the ways of nature. Readers will visit an enchanted mountain village where the mayor ran the only gas station and the social hub of the village was a small café run by a jolly blind man, and will meet a young village high school girl as fresh as morning dew and a sheepherder who was a college professor.

The call to war first took him from the total freedom of the wild to the regimented discipline of Navy boot camp on the shore of Lake Michigan and on to the warm, palm-tree climes of Corpus Christi, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. In New Orleans, he performed onstage at Pat O'Brien's and fell in love with a stripper. The reader will meet the crew and experience shipboard life on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

Following his less-than-illustrious naval tour (a charge of AWOL, two summary courts-martial), he reentered civilian life to marry, have children, and be admitted to college on a probationary basis. He was invited to President Kennedy's inaugural ball, and he received a college degree. Along with his three children and pregnant wife, they trekked to a job offer in Chicago in an old Ford and a U-Haul trailer.

--Jack Walker

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