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I Want My Kids to Know Who God Really is

In all ages, faith has provided a backbone and common entity connection for the masses. Faith need not tear people apart because it is a personal journey. Where three such travelers meet in good faith, Jesus is there. Societal norms have shifted away from the Bible and active faith, the type that actually works. It is more important than ever to bless our children and give them a charge to carry out their faith in life. Our families depend upon the government to raise our children in hope, and that is not being done. There is a deliberate effort to undermine faith in the USA for the purpose of weakening those in opposition to worldly plans. Simply understanding the Hippocratic Oath as to Apollyon the devil can be a game changer. Nearly every law passed these days is linked to a medical community that harms all day long and gives it oath to the devil. Rule of law is imposed when the expected outcome is in opposition to the Constitution. We must be wise as wolves to navigate it and yet remember the free-flowing faith that Jesus wants us to own all our days so we can commune with Him daily and in times of need. Our nation will fall to tyranny from within if we do not charge our children with keeping this a country under God. Every walk of life is affected. How would the LBGTQ community view their Democrat rescuers if they learned they were made gay (and Democrat) after it was found in a lab that a certain vitamin deficiency made rats homosexual, and the science was applied to school lunch menus and after school snacks? Would they still be useful digits suffering Stockholm Syndrome or would they rise against this maltreatment with anger at the loss of natural life and demand reparation and resignations? Fathers, mothers or grandparents if neither of the former are there, lay hands on the child and bless them, command them to do well by the Lord. Command them to live long and multiply and prosper and be a light for the world.

--Barb Cantrell

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