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I Got You Mama: A Pediatrician's Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Pregnancy, Childbirth and the First Year of Your Baby's Life

The journey to parenthood is different for everyone, but the struggles of pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of a baby's life are almost universal. As parents (or future parents), we are constantly fed a myth that being a Mommy or Daddy is a wonderful, amazing and completely fulfilling experience. We are expected to raise our children effortlessly, love every minute of being a parent and post the pictures on social media to prove it. We feel guilty if we do not like a certain aspect of this experience and we are shamed if someone doesn't agree with our decisions. Parents, it is time to stop the insanity. Creating, growing, birthing and raising a child is really hard! I know this because I am a Mom of two strong-willed children and a pediatrician with over a decade of experience in the medical field. I understand that you are inundated with information from family members, friends, and the media who all tell you what you should do, and what you should not do, for yourself and for your child. This information is often conflicting and confusing. You know what? I Got You, Mama. Take a deep breath and hang with me. This book is a no holds barred approach with information that is real, raw, and sometimes gross! But… I promise it will help you to unapologetically thrive as a parent.

--Kristen Cook, MD

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