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How the Progressive Party Saves the World... or Not

We need to understand what makes two different people think they know what is going on in this world but have two completely different views. We think the other is crazy. It's common sense, right? How can they think that way?If you follow politics closely and are not caught up in any conspiracy theory, you will agree with most of what I say in this book. For you, I kind of confirm your beliefs and give a strategy for the working class to succeed in the future. For those of you that follow and believe in any mainstream media, whether CNN or Fox News, this is a must-read because if I can move you closer to reality then we just might save the world.Most importantly, I hope I can convey how we need to come together to protect our right to vote and its importance.Don't worry. All of us normal people are on the same side.

--Mike Boots

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