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Holy Bible Rewrite God Tale of Two?

Having you, heaven me, together we are having heaven!

Now if anyone can prove me wrong about being God, good luck. Now, people, give yourselves one life and give cats nine lives. When you go to sleep and wake up, start counting your lives because one day you just might stop counting and only God knows you could take money with you when you die: 1974 (19S*7+4=11*S one, one the dollar sign [$])

Now Paco has this cologne called 1 Million. Now God stand over the dead in the cemetery and say starting from the top. Now I am here and start spraying the spray around the cemetery, and God made it rain millions in heaven and made millions burn in hell that’s on low fire, now medium fire. God takes the box that say 1 million on it and bury the box with them keep sending millions to them and keep burning millions on them then high fire put some money in the box and a paper with God’s name on it, unlimited millions in heaven. Now I ask how they know there’s fire in hell. They tell the truth but lie about heaven.

I had to write a book that’s going to stop the Bible’s two-thousand-year run. God gives life and God takes it.


(B2*B2*22V*LIVE) Live now God take Live (L12*1+2=C*V22*2+2=D*DICE) Dice (4 ICE) north, east, south, west in four slices spread around the world in four blocks of ice cubes. Good luck trying to find the four blocks of ice with pieces of the Bible in it. I wrote this book for food and drinks for thoughts. If you feed your body, you have to feed your mind and reading this book, your mind shall never die of hunger.

Now people always telling me who I cannot be instead of telling me who I am (I’m 1) ADEM (made) D+E=I*aim (1 I’M) I’m 1 (I am)?

Read the book of god if you dare to believe in the truth!

Allah is down here on Earth with God and Zeus down here on Earth with God and the New Year’s baby down here on Earth with God. Now does God have to send more down?

God sees people stand and clap for God in churches, but, people, don’t stand and clap for God in person. People of the world, God’s home now. I am the first and now I am the last, and the last shall be first. Now, people of Earth, no matter what you all do to God here, please don’t forget I am God, and if I come down from there because of how you all treated me here, I knows no one. I’ll start life over until you all get it right.

Now one day, people, I am going to leave this world. Now, people, carry on my name as the greatest to ever do it, God!

--Angelo D. Mitchell

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