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His Journey: Velic and Danny

Velic Romero, an NHT, learns that there is no true freedom and that even partial freedom comes with a price. He's forced to do the unthinkable, even for a vampire, and faces the hardships of being equal to humans. He fights for what he believes is right, but can he stand tall against those who own him? Finn Kioskey, Velic's shadow and protection, learns the true meaning of betrayal when he chooses orders over a friend, and his ensuing guilt has him questioning not only his loyalty but also what it means to be a good man. Lionel Armstrey, the head of the Illuminati, has the power and the means to destroy everything Velic holds close to his heart. His manipulation and tactics leave much to be respected, but will his undeniable threats finally break Velic's vampiric spirit? Dr. Danny Jarson, creator of Illuminati technologies, has knowledge and charm, but is there hope for him in Velic's heart? Derrick Bosh, an Illuminati agent, is tough around the edges with a soft spot for Marsha, but will his supportive friendship last? Mrs. Armstrey, the head of the Illuminati Legal Services and daughter to Lionel Armstrey, is a powerhouse on her own, but is her advice truly in Velic's best interest, or is it against him?

--Carissa Skinner

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