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His Daughter's Treasures

In more recent years, when I had written a poem I felt our children would enjoy reading them...( or maybe just to brag because I thought it was good), I would send it via a text message to each of them. Our daughter Jeni came to visit one day. She brought a large 3 ring binder with 100 plastic sleeves to organize and collect my works. Each sleeve is numbered with a corresponding title page. She named the work...His Daughter's Treasures. She included her own artwork of the title inlaid over a large sailboat in the background with a large compass layered on top.

On the spine of the folder is the title inlaid over a treasure chest. As soon as I realized I was really going to publish my work, I knew l wanted the title to be..."His Daughter's Treasures".

--Charles R. Hockema

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