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Hire the Best! : Motivate the Rest

Hire the Best! Motivate the Rest is the first "how to" tool kit designed to help the CEO, manager, or organizational leader significantly increase productivity by hiring the most qualified applicants, understanding what motivates them, and coaching them based on their unique personality. You'll learn how to recruit, select, coach, and retain employees who have the:* Will Do goal-orientation and drive to reach the highest levels of production* Can Do skills, knowledge, and experience to minimize start-up training* Follow-through work ethic to persist through the most difficult challengesBased on Dr. Larry Craft's groundbreaking research involving thousands of personal interviews and over one million applicant questionnaires for the past four decades, Hire the Best! Motivate the Rest respects your time and honors the need for immediate solutions to some of the most complex leadership challenges.

--Dr. Larry L. Craft

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