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Heaven Inspired

A journey in search of God only to find a Father that gave His entire family that one may live. A journey to find truth, endure separation, suffer hardship, understand sacrifice, yearn to please and be a help to the Father, only to find out that we are the ones that need help. Searching for love in all the wrong places to find a love that runs circles around all others-a love that astounds, surprises, and is complete!

Acknowledge that God is always in control. He cannot be contained to any building built by man. He does not belong to any one group. He is not a religion. He cannot be tucked neatly away until needed. He does not belong to any one man or nation for that matter! He does not belong to mankind alone but to all of creation. He made the good, the evil, the visible and invisible; and both good and evil take up residence in the same body. No matter how good one is believed to be or thinks he or she is, evil can and will present itself at any given time. Trust that there is always an audience that is quick to condemn.

This journey called life-with its pain, sadness, tragedies, pleasures, rewards, and pure bliss-are littered with a multitude of miracles leading to one path that very few find: The simple fact that He is!!!

--Crystal Bond

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