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Hattie Gets a Smile

All the kids of Sunny Town were so afraid to visit Sunny Town's dental office. Hattie was more afraid than all the other kids, but she was determined to be the first brave kid to get the great big smile she always wanted. Hattie visits the dental office for the first time and finds out getting a great smile is not so scary after all. She cannot wait to get back to school and tell her friends how brave she was and how much fun it was to visit Sunny Town's dental office. Now, all the other boys and girls cannot wait to be brave and learn how to get great, healthy big smiles of their own. Sunny Town will always be known as the place of smiles. Thus, this book entitled Hattie Gets a Smile! was written to educate kids on what to expect on a dental visit and how much fun it can truly be.

--Vanessa Faison, R.D.H., MHA-Ed

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