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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After is a beautiful love story about a young mother and wife that found herself madly in love with two men that could not be more different. First, the stable husband and father of her son. Normal job, normal hobbies, normal, normal, normal. The second, a very new, very young man that traveled the world, was very energetic and pulled Jodie out of a shell that she didn't even know she was in. When she spent time with Justin, it felt like they were the only two people in the world, which was a good thing, considering they couldn't keep their hands off each other when they were together. Ron had to put it on a to-do list if he was even going to hold her hand, but he also had the baby. Someone Jodie could never imagine walking away from. Jodie was so torn between the two that all the stress and emotional turmoil literally started making her sick. After several close calls, Jodie's nightmare became reality. She returned from a business trip and curiosity got the best of Ron. Her went through her suitcase while she was in the other room and found out everything. After a number of very tense days and a lot of heart to heart communication, they decided to try to heal together. Ron was truly a saint through the process. The three of them worked very hard to put the pieces back together and move forward. With a lot of heartache and a lot of hard work, they were able to establish a new, stable, sensible relationship. It was at that time that they all realized that sometimes good does come from the darkness.

--Christina Clay

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