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Grown Up Stuff for Dummies: Some thoughts for being an adult in C21

Grown-Up Stuff for Dummies covers some of the topics not thought suitable to have been mentioned at the same time as please and thank you, don't slurp the soup, and it is no longer funny or clever if you burp in public.

Exams and interviews, being rich and poor, contracts, cars and kissing, flying, lying and lawyers, dating, drinking, dentists, and divorce, sports and games on fields and beds; these are just some of the things that confront everyone today—like it or not. So it is well to have at least thought about them.

This is not a conventional yoga-and-yoghurt self-help volume. It may well not always be the popular view. It will likely raise the odd squawk from the politically correct. So be it, but if nothing else it addresses grown-up stuff all us dummies need for dealing with life in C21.

--David Norton

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