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GREED: The Path Away from Eternal Life

Three childhood friends found themselves entwined in the vicissitudes of life on the mean streets of the South Bronx, where the invisible hands of greed lacked empathy. In a desperate attempt to escape poverty, Malcolm, Eric, and Yadiel actuated by a feeling of hopelessness, embraced a path in the streets that lead them into a life of gangs, arson, murder, and drugs. By 1977, on the gritty streets of the South Bronx, buildings were going up in smoke all over the city at a time when arson was the answer to everything. As Greed told the story of life and death, heroin filled the veins of those who tried to escape the horrors of the world through a delusive feeling of euphoria. By the early eighties, crack, a very potent form of cocaine, surfaced on the streets of New York, and with it came a profitable curse that conveyed death and destruction everywhere it went.

--David Ivy

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