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Good People Go to Hell, Bad People Go to Heaven

Knowing the right path to take to help secure your place in Heaven is something we all fear and struggle with. We have our own ideas about what it takes, but are those ideas correct? The teachings that Christ has left us hold all the answers. Unfortunately, many simply don't know what they are or have their own interpretations of them. With the uncertainty of even one more day, we must enlighten ourselves with accurate understandings of what's required of us in this life.

Father Bernard Champagne is a Benedictine monk who spent his eighty plus years educating himself on this very subject. Presenting no personal opinions, everything written in this book are church teachings and will offer you:

*Ways to draw yourself to a closer, more personal relationship with God,

*How to avoid sin and its near occasions,

*Establish ways to develop and advance your daily spiritual life, and

*More effective ways to communicate with God.

Very often, fear, anxiety, or confusion will distract us from ascertaining what we need to know, thus leaving us completely unprepared for what awaits us when we die.

Making the decision to develop and manage your spiritual life now will lead you to the glory of life eternal.

Here, within these pages, this precious information awaits you.

--Fr. Bernard Champagne and Jay McCurtten

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