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God's Assassin

How do you serve a god of love when in fact you are a killer of men? How can you call yourself just when you are a righteous hammer that knows no fear or remorse? Does such a man deserve the love of a caring and benevolent god? God's Assassin is a Lovecraftian tale that follows a killer who serves a higher purpose. A man who is not without flaws, who may even be a villain himself. With his faith to guide him, Father Dominic Rujero must navigate a Machiavellian plot that could spell the end of humanity. His travels will take him around the world as he seeks answers. Allies will come and go, but one thing remains true. Rujero is not just fighting for the sake of the world but also for his own humanity. In a world of demons and technology, is there a place for the righteous to call home? The winner of this war will not only inherit the Earth, but all of its inhabitants as well.Inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, Mike Pondsmith, and Ian Fleming, God's Assassin is a blend of supernatural thriller, international spy story, and high-intensity cyberpunk adventure. Set in a very near future, one might wonder if such a secret war is being fought right now. When cosmic horrors are real, are there really any rules that matter? Do the actions of one man make any difference at all? And if that man is flawed, does the taint of those flaws also taint the good that he does for the world? The author was surprised by his conclusions and wonders what yours will be.

--Steve Wollett

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