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God in Eve

Visiting, working, or leisure time at any public or private conference can lead to the observation of women from all walks of faith. Each dealing with everyday issues of life. The first trait you will notice is their smile. Next is their characteristics. They are a dynasty of peculiar women connected to oneā€”God.

Their attributes are all the same. Those attributes are the fruit of the spirit. Their outside beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Their inner beauty is adorned with the ornament of God's light. They are blessed. They are more valuable than rubies. They are anointed with the power of God to handle all trials and tribulations that their life journey retained them in.

This ornament was first existing in Eve. Eve left the legacy to all women. Women are born with this ornament; however, for it to be enhanced, she must transform her thinking and give her life to God to receive the full rewards of his kingdom. Read how these attributes are obtained.

--Wanda Peterkin

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