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Ghost Lips from the Trickster: A Civil War Story

Sergeant Victor Peters breaks away from a Rebel prison train running hard from Soldiers with dogs closing fast on his heels. Hopelessly lost in deep woods about to be caught when suddenly a ghost vision of a drummer boy who was shot that morning flashes before him pointing a way to a steep hill. Climbing up that hill he shakes off the dogs and runs until dusk to an abandoned copper mine. There he finds a group of women dancing around a huge campfire while protected by a hideous looking beast. The Rebel soldiers hunting him sees the creature, stops. Soon an ex-slave Basil tells him he has entered into a bizarre world controlled by a runaway-slave woman Tamar who is a wizard of all witches. She uses some old sacred texts to communicate with the dead and with so many soldiers killed on the battlefield mothers and wives come to her who has a portal to the underworld and can connect by pulling up the ghost of their lost love ones to read their lips. Victor finds himself now trapped by Tamar, a procure of super magical powers who had sent the drummer boy ghost for him to find his way to her. She has plans to expand her occult tribe by having Victor to be used as a stud master. Victor needs to get home to care for his ill child, Bessie. But he is up against the mystical power of Tamar. Basil tells him his only hope is a beautiful ex-shave girl Autumn who knows Tamar the tricksters secret and the only way to escape is to kill that fearsome beast Tamar controls. Can Victor get Autumn to help him get free from Tamar as the Rebels a mile away saddled well-armed watching ready for action as the creature stands firm. Victor sees danger and time is running out.

--Dennis Boisvert

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