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Getting Ready to Move Out

You have taken the first step in obtaining some of the most important information you need to start preparing for life on your own. You're ready to start taking these steps one at a time. You're armed with the proper tools to set yourself up to look for and interview to get a job, open bank accounts, establish credit, seek housing, save up deposits for a new home and utilities, accumulate household goods, and look for other options that may be available to you. You have insight on life game changers, being homeless, date rape, human trafficking, drug use, and getting medical attention.

If you are in a foster program now, you know where to look for and find resources specifically for you; selecting mentors is a key to success, and no one has to go through life alone.

This is the guide that will fill you in on the things that may not be learned in most homes, schools, communities, and colleges.

Never be too afraid or have too much pride to ask for help. Failure only comes from not trying.

You can do it! This is your map.

--Ashley Anello

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