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Galactic Renaissance

Two separate factions had been formed--the Republican Empire and the Federal Order. A vision has been foretold by a Sirvan Lord, one of the Galactic Legends, during his sleep regarding his own descendant from the future. Thousands of years later, the descendant was born. He lived an unfair life. He started out as a Semanti and later fell to the dark side, becoming a Sirvan, as foretold in a vision dreamt by his ancestor. The descendant had been convinced to turn to the dark side, making him give in. For revenge, he gave the order to slaughter every last Semanti that rejected him, no longer showing mercy on them. The only hope for the Semanti is for someone to bring balance to the Inertia and to the galaxy.In times past, only a very few Semanti knights survived the attack of the Federal Order. One of them, by the name of Jessica Stellox, stood up to a Sirvan named Lord Corvus, who possesses powerful abilities and had a mysterious past. Now, she and the surviving Semanti form the Star Squadron, a band of little known heroes, were to fight against the Federal Order. Out of nowhere, Jessika senses that an old friend is still alive and not dead like everyone thought. Jessika hopes to find out who it is.

--Dante Andre Chavez

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