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Friendly Forest

"Friendly Forest" is a story that follows a little bunny named Billy who finds himself thrust

into the greatest adventure of his young life.

Things start off in the worst way possible for our little bunny. He immediately finds himself

in a challenging situation and will need to use all his wits and natural instincts to get himself out

of it. You'll be amazed at how little Billy the bunny reacts to survive the challenging situation.

Having survived his most challenging situation, Billy finds himself lost in an unfamiliar

part of the forest. He's frightened and realizes that he's all alone.

After a few moments, he hears a soft, soothing voice. He looks up and sees a little grey

squirrel sitting on a tree limb not far from him. He doesn't know it at the time, but they will

become the best of friends. Together they make a plan to travel through the dense forest and

find a way back to Billy's home.

There is a special magic in the forest that watches over all the creatures that live there. Will

it be able to help Billy find his way home? Does it even know that Billy needs it's help?

Come and join Billy and the interesting friends he meets as he tries to find his way back

home in the "Friendly Forest".

--Allan Celmer

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