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In this hilarious tale, Ron Weber shares the life of an overcurious little, red-haired, freckle-faced boy who always kept everyone around him on their toes. In this humorous story, Freckles will keep you laughing and wondering what mischief he will be getting into next. However, as he reaches adolescence, his pranks begin getting him into trouble.As the youngest of four children, Freckles was hardly noticed unless he was getting into mischief. When his father was forced out of the home because of alcoholism and violence, everything changed. The live-in nanny was gone, and there was no income. Food was short, and Mom had to start working. Without much supervision after school, little Ronnie began hanging around a rough crowd. Soon he started getting into more serious difficulty. Freckles was headed for serious trouble. Could his good Irish humor and Catholic upbringing help him turn his life around, or would he end up in prison?On a bleak winter day in 1967, young Ron Weber was no longer little Freckles. He was eighteen years old and in big trouble. Standing in the courtroom with his attorney at his side, Ron waited for the sentence to be passed. As the judge raised his head and looked straight at him, Ron's heart seemed to stop. Was he going to be locked up? Was his life over? Or did the judge have something else in mind? Find out which path Freckles chose and what happened afterwards.

--Ron Weber

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