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Forever and Always, My Love: The Den of the Wolves Book 2: Part 2

With having the love of her life back, how will Renee deal with all the new changes and challenges that have followed along with it? Her world has been completely changed within the blink of an eye more than once, and she has been finding out more about her own self as time goes by. So many unanswered questions just keep piling up because how in the world did she become the beast that she is, and why have the gods chosen her out of everyone in the world to be this special someone? How will she explain her youthfulness to her mortal family while they grow older and she doesn't? It's a struggle that she must deal with on a daily basis because the answers to all these questions, and many more, haven't been revealed just yet! The saga continues, and the only way to find out what happens next is to keep reading!

--Renee Barton

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