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For the Sins of Her Prophets

Steven Chasbro has washed out of a banking career. Through the intervention of his well-connected wife, he lands a job in Iraq during the summer of 2004. There, Steve is advising the government on financial matters but does not succeed. Cashiered for a second time and thoroughly disgusted with the experience, Chasbro is just about to board a C-130 for Kuwait and a one-way ticket home when Ambassador Damien Suiter calls him back to investigate an insurgent attack.

The ambassador is a long-time family friend of Constance (née Hulgrave) Chasbro, Steve's estranged wife. What Chasbro writes off as a pro forma exercise to satisfy his wife and her friend turns out to be not so simple. Suspicions mount and rumors rise. During that investigation, Chasbro, together with several diplomats and military officers, begin to uncover a potentially dark truth about the failing United States occupation of Iraq; that it is devolving into a sectarian civil war. As he records his one week odyssey, Steve analyzes why American policy has gone wrong, why Iraq occurred, and why the days of the American Century are numbered.

--Elizabeth Hulgrave (Betsy) Chasbro

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