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F.A.I.T.H.: From Almost Impossible to Hopeful

F.A.I.T.H. From Almost Impossible to Hopeful is a memoir of the author. The main thought of the book is to have faith and trust in God in every impossible situation. It shows how a person, no matter the age, can truly trust and depend on God. Trust is what makes us go through an impossible situation, however big or small, and on to a hopeful situation. Circumstances come and go, and nine out of ten times, we dislike being in those cases, but the voice of God, the prophecy, is a very important atlas in a season in our life. As we listen to God via his servants, reading His Word, prophecy, and answered prayers, our level of understanding of and faith in God grow. God loves us; He is all about love and he does care for his children. Remember that the Lord leads our life and guides our steps. Dealing with life situations can and will leave us feeling like things are just impossible to change, but by trusting in Him, we begin to understand we can go from the impossible and that things are looking up and getting better. Things are beginning to be hopeful, and it's all because we have put our life in His hands and trust in Him. We can go from impossible to hopeful; we only have to have faith in God!

--Everetta Harper

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