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Everyday Devotion

In our world today, man has been running tirelessly in pursuit of material happiness, monetary gain, good health and well-being. However, the pursuit of happiness without the Word of God does not lead to a fulfilled life.God has revealed Himself completely, as well as His eternal plan through His WORD. His Word has been described, as pure, restraining, perfect, trustworthy, true, enduring, effectual, sanctifying, inspiring, living and active. It has been compared to a lamp, fire, hammer and seed.The Word of God heals, makes free, illuminates, bears witness, produces faith and rejoices the heart. We are called to search it thoroughly, speak it boldly and handle it correctly."Everyday Devotion" comes with devotions and lessons that would help the reader in understanding the essence of the Word of God.The daily scriptures, short exhortations and prayer outlined will help build the faith of any individual who lays hold of a copy of this book.

--Richard Owusu

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