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Every Love Song Comes from God

Although encumbered with adult responsibilities, Peggy Reilly felt like a lost child overwhelmed with anxiety, with no sense of belonging. After a time of searching her past for points of anchoring, she comes to the realization that there never was a clear attachment for her, there never was a clear sense of identity either. She was the result of a one-night stand, two people coming together for a brief moment of human compassion, only to return to their separate worlds, each one trying to do what was right and to distance themselves from their big mistake. Peggy was left lost in the chasm between them with overwhelming anxiety and helplessness. But as she faced up to the challenge of these fearful states they evolved into strengths and resilience. She began to see that perhaps she had had a good beginning. After all she was not confined to a certain group that required strict conformity for acceptance, as others seemed to be. Instead, she had freedom to be herself, flaws and all. More importantly she also found that in spite of her lack of proper human credentials, God was with her through her journey in life and that was all she needed.

--Margaret Lynch

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