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Even Heroes Die

The Runyan family vanishes, along with their fortune, garnering little notice until a relentless reporter connects the mystery to a series of disappearances. Intrigue smolders when Gayle Chandler's articles attract the attention of a determined FBI agent, and action explodes when unconventional heroes emerge from shadows of secrecy to assist Special Agent Lenowski in a globe-spanning war on evil.

Courageous heroes find love, heartache, triumph, and loss in an action-packed adventure that thrusts emotional scars from their past into today's light when they find bloodshed is the only way to vanquish depravity lurking in the hearts of villains.

Even Heroes Die is a powerful story that overflows with action and suspense while gripping the reader's emotions and drawing them into a world of war, crime, and love that transcends time. It is a gritty, down-to-earth story with no punches pulled.

--Liam Starken

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