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Escaping the Robots

This story follows robots and humans on an adventure in space and time. Androids and robots (survivors of a long-dead race) follow the signal of one of the many probes sent into space to the probe's origin--Earth. There, they enslave mankind and abduct tens of thousands of people who are not even aware robots have snatched them from their beloved Earth. Taken many light-years away, their minds were altered so they still believe that they are still on planet Earth. Byron and others are convinced into believing they are part of a government experiment. Put in suspended animation on the island of Madagascar for five hundred years. But robots keep them suspended for a much longer time. When finally awakened, the robots keep the humans in an underground structure, so the robots can control them. Byron wants to gain the surface and have its freedom. This planet is young and has frequent earthquakes, ranging in size. One of these caused a hole in a blocked hallway; through this, Byron escapes with two others into the wild. But one of the group, because of dangers in the wild, forces them into going back to the structure. Now Byron understands that the only solution for him to gain freedom is to organize a daring escape for everyone. To this end, he must again alter his plan. But because of a giant earthquake, Byron must again revise his plans. Still nothing goes as planned, yet Byron persists in his dream.

--Dale Dean

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