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In our new age of novels and publications, we now have the first novel in quite some time that brings you traditional, American storytelling: the short-story collection.In the best traditions of the American short story, here are six stories to transport the reader to various worlds of fiction, fantasy, and hope.How will America honor its last veteran of the Second World War? Will it unite the country?In 1948 a small American charter company called Alaska Airlines took part in the largest humanitarian airlift since the Berlin Airlift.  Their crews risked everything to make sure the Hebrew peoples of Yemen made it to their new homeland.  Follow one of these crews as they try to accomplish the impossible!What may have happened if the United States had gone forward with airship travel as England and Germany had?What kind of future will the United States Space Force bring forth to humanity?What was life like for an American student and a small shopkeeper in 1930's Cairo?What kind of stress and danger would have faced railroad employees in Depression-era America if the major companies had employed subsidiary companies on low-income runs? What would happen in an era of lost pensions? For one crew, it wasn't good.If you wish to explore these questions, find their answers, and be entertained along the way, then this is the book for you!

--Jorge L. Rechani

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