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Elkwater Echoes: Memoirs of Someone

Some stories are never meant to be solved, others are constantly crying out for someone to set the secrets free, then there are some that are in between, those stories that have been buried for so long that they force their selves into the minds of all around them. These types of buried secrets deserve to be acknowledged, not eternally ignored, even if they may not be the most pleasant tales. Stories of souls forever scarred by a war of blue and grey, a war that left behind stragglers, screaming women, and things that were never human from the start. Bitter souls that in life demanded infamous attention at any cost still creep through city streets making contact. Spirits much older than any city specters, any screaming woman, and much older than even a war of blue and grey, things that stalk with the intentions of enforcing warnings to any who will listen. These are the types of stories that these pages have been so unfortunate enough to be weighed down but still stories that deserve to be told nonetheless.

--Colin Arbogast

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