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East Coast Eventide

It is 1962, and the underground world in Atlantic City is booming with the profits from illegal casinos. This city has a great deal to offer to those who are willing to take a few chances, and the old battle for dominance over control of the city between Frank Moniarti and Nicholas Malone appears to have finally come to an end. In fact, Frank Moniarti has grown used to living a relatively peaceful lifestyle, until one fateful event changed everything.Now, two old rivals from the streets of New Jersey are forced to team up to handle a new problem that has just arrived from Brooklyn. A New York crime boss named Vincent Plemagoya has just tried making a name for himself in Atlantic City. After Frank Moniarti has his son's life threatened during a jewelry store robbery, he must now pool together all his resources and enlist help from some implausible allies in order to get the problem under control. Once a new conflict for power has begun, Moniarti goes on a tireless quest for revenge, chasing Vincent Plemagoya all over the city.From the glamourous city streets and dark back alleyways in Atlantic City, to the luxurious mansions of New Jersey's most powerful, and onto some adventurous travels through several major cities throughout the Midwest, a nonstop game of strategy has begun in a battle toward ultimate dominance in New Jersey's underground. In a game where everyone is willing to place their bets but nobody wants to lose, the cost of their wagers is very high, and the rules of the game become perilous.

--Thomas Koron

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