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Dwelling in Possibility

In each moment, we have choices. There was a time when living by "default" was my way to live my life. This meant just accepting whatever came along. Then there was a BFO—a blinding flash of the obvious. Manifesting that which is most important to me became achievable.

Actually, I attended a class on personal growth, where I learned that living with a focus on purpose allowed me to make wiser choices. To become aware of what my current expectations were. To see where I was making judgments based on limiting beliefs. To open myself up to exercising responsibility, my ability to respond.

Scientific research has proven that we create out of our habits and that habits can be changed after consistent exercise of new routines day after day. When science is blended with mysticism, there seems to be a wormhole in our imagination cosmos. Hence, after seeing the significance of the number 40 across centuries, this 40-day journey is one of discovery of remembrance of who we are.

As we navigate our way through time, it's feasible to pause and take a look around at all that is viable. To be mindful, to know the present moment is replete with opportunity, allows us to really look at our path and choose again. We can let go of the past and move beyond history. If we love our present journey, we are primed for even greater good.

In this universe of universes, string theory and quantum mechanics tell us about the quantum void. This void isn't empty at all. It's actually filled with quantum energy and particles that flash in and out of beingness for a fleeting moment. Yes. We are energy in motion. Yes. We came to be, out of that nothingness. Yes. We dwell in possibility.

--Linda Villegas Bremer

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