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Dream Walker Shattered

Dream walkers don't die! A phoenix is immortal! She was sent to kill him, and he was ready to kill the phoenix hunting for his power. Now, they must find their way back to each other to unite their family and save their child from the goddess Aphrodite who means to kill her or use her families combined bloodline power. The whole family is dead or stuck in a dreamscape. Phoenix is her only protector left alive. Will Phoenix keep their daughter from turning to the dark arts and ultimately destroying mortals, immortals, gods, and goddesses? Is the child capable of being good? Will the stress of constantly being hunted cause her to choose the dark arts? Will Phoenix have to fight Aphrodite alone? Or will phoenix slit her wrist to save the whole family? Will love for one child save the dream-walker bloodline?

"I have heard people talking about you."

"Really! What do they say?"

"That you're permanent death."

--Cherise Briscoe

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