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Dragon Boy

The idea for the book has been taken from true events during the fantastic life of the author. Some of the characters are real and have played a solid role of shaping the author into the man he is today.The author met God when he was seven years old. The angel Tonghunkas Tan Bonus is real; the mother of Jesus Christ is real—the author visited with them three to four hours. This great event is absolutely true. The author's polygraph test will be released in his next book, For Whom the Bullets Kill. He will also tell readers where heaven truly is, what it looks like, and much more. The events with the dignitaries were real but have been embellished for the excitement and entertainment of the reader. Again, this book was written to captivate the reader's attention but, most importantly, covers true events that will enlighten the religious beliefs we Americans are blessed to have freedom to worship every day.If my book offends anyone, I offer the humblest apologies; if my book entertains anyone, then all my labors will have been worthwhile. I thank God that I am an American and have the right to write what I please. I also feel I have earned that right by having fought wars for my country and also for the people while serving as a police officer.

--Al Rowe

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