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Dragon: Book Three The Island Chronicles

In The Island Chronicles Book 1: Conscious, William is drawn by the Music to the mysterious woman, Eleutheria, who lives in the house overlooking Bourani Cove and the ancient lime kiln which still burns hot for those who know how and where to look. There, she tells him about trapping time in the old tower, inadvertently creating the dragon, and how he must contain the monster while she searches the world for a solution.

In Book 2: Chopping Water—part mystery, part philosophy, and part historical fiction—William tells Lexi the story of how Eleutheria came to America three hundred years ago, eventually sailing to Orcas Island in search of ultimate freedom. He also continues to struggle with the return of Nadezhda Retovna, who died many years ago, and confronts an evil that threatens to destroy him and those he loves.

In Book 3: Dragon, Eleutheria travels to Venice, Italy, and learns the secrets of the nuns at Convent San Zaccaria, before going to Cambridge, England, and discovering the last, vital piece of information she needs to vanquish the dragon.

On the island, William supports the building of a new hospital, championed by Cortland and Mary Beth Van Cleave, a brother and sister with an unusual relationship. Their salvation may be William's ruin, however, since, once again, he must use, or abuse, the darkest of powers to protect those who serve his purpose.

Finally, William learns the truth about the woman only he can see, Nadezhda Retovna, and her relationship with alter ego Julien Darville. More importantly, he learns why she is here, now.

When Eleutheria returns, the final confrontation ensues, and we see who she has always been.

We learn who survives the final battle, and who has been telling us the story all along.

--Bruce Langford

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