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Doggeral (Urban Ballads)

Urban ballads are art songs and poems. It first started at the outset of America’s Shock and Awe campaign. The narrator is Doggerel speaking in soliloquy while confined in isolation of a maximum-security prison. Doggerel hints at oppression, bewilderment, and hate in each composition. Because Doggerel is confined for a crime that he did not commit. Doggerel starts out with “Punching the Clock” which indicates he is going to work it out. Inadequate police training and anti-government sentiment is implied in “The Flying Guillotine.” “Baton Rouge” takes us to the Mardi Gras, a yearly event which Doggerel attends. “We Are in Motion” is an inspiration composition about solitary confinement. In summation, Doggerel thinks of romance, religion, and a burning soul with urbanization being the back drop. “Doggerel: urban ballads” is a good read and a references guide for neophytes and old poet lyricists that wants to understand the significands’ of literature today in every genre of music.

--Jackie Adams

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