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DNA Book One

Extinction threatens Tropween's Giracians, masters of their alien galaxies millions of light-years from the ravaged thirty-first-century Earth. The scientifically advanced alien species has uncontested physical supremacy and dominates controls their massive patrilineal empire. These warrior conquerors' complete annihilations of every challenger to the giant time travelers' society were optimal for more than three hundred thousand Earth years. Until the Euseral virus attacked the ancient species' longevity lifecycle with its devastatingly slow, ten-thousand-year maturation, culminating with the eventual decimation of Girac female wombs. Their life. Tropween's alien ruler, Emperor Wflou, began his one-hundred-year quest, rejecting millions of candidates in his perseverance for his species' survival. Wflou sought nonshared DNA, discovering only the small furless human female of the primitive species met his stringent alien criteria. For Giracians, science now governs the consciously superior warrior culture, where only facts matter. Analytical, scientific, and logical principles guide the feline aliens dominant lifecycles. Only women's extradentary DNA and her fragile, unique anatomy can save both species. Igniting for Giracs the unknown, an impossibility. The factual collision of alien eroticism with humans' nonexistent emotions explodes Giracians' concept of true power, altering what Giracs have decreed impossible for the small-brain species.

--Carter Pitts

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